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Name:Kyle David Peterson
Birthdate:May 10
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Kyle David Peterson was born in Providence, Rhode Island, the second son of an attorney and a flight attendant. Older brother Tyler, a couple of years Kyle's senior, was supposed to be the only child, and Kyle came as a complete surprise when their parents went away for a weekend to celebrate their anniversary, and came back with his mom pregnant. Despite not originally wanting more kids, they decided to have Kyle anyway, and were grateful when he was born a strong, healthy baby.

The two boys grew up very close, though they were quite different. Where Tyler was the analytical and logical one, Kyle was always the rough and tumble brother of the two. He's broken all four of his limbs at separate times just by playing too rough, or falling out of trees he climbed, or playing sports. He grew up playing every sport he could get to, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. But it was the last one, on the ice, where he found his true love. It was as if he were born to play hockey, and he excelled at it, playing all the way through school and into college.

He didn't quite finish college, though, being drafted to the American Hockey League's Providence Bruins at a young age. He was able to train with some of the best, and really grew in his skill and put his talent to good use. In the meantime, Tyler had found himself a great guy, and had fallen totally in love with him. Kyle, too, was crazy about his brother's fiance, and was really excited for the chance to be Best Man in Tyler's wedding. It was something the brothers had always planned on, and Kyle was thrilled.

Until it all came crashing down. Tyler was raped the night of his bachelor party, a party Kyle had been there for, using his fake ID to get into the club, because he was still under twenty-one. It wasn't Kyle who found Tyler after all was said and done, but it was a difficult thing that Kyle still isn't sure how to deal with to this day. After the rape, things went to hell, Tyler turning to drugs and alcohol to help him numb the pain, until he was so far gone that not even his former fiance could help him anymore. Kyle followed his parents' lead, more or less disowning Tyler after all of that, but there would always be a part of him that worried about his brother.

In the meantime, after only a couple of years in the AHL, the NHL came knocking, offering Kyle a contract with the Boston Bruins. Of course, he wouldn't turn down an offer like that, and he made the move to Boston right before training started for the following season. It was there that he met Calvin Murphy, who'd go on to become one of his best friends, and who was a student at Juilliard. Calvin had a good friend named Logan, that he thought the unashamedly gay Kyle would get along with well, and he introduced the pair online. They continued to chat there for a long time, unable to actually meet in person while Kyle was in intense training sessions prior to the season, and Logan was busy with school. But Kyle definitely got on well with him... and thought he was fucking gorgeous.

It wasn't until the regular season started, and the Bruins had a game against the New York Rangers, that Kyle and Logan would have a chance to meet. The day after the game, Kyle met up with Logan for a nice dinner, and a night out at a bar. Logan showed Kyle some of his dance moves, and despite the fact that the most skill he had on the dancefloor was slow dancing or bumping and grinding, he was hooked from the start. They shared a slow dance to "The Way You Look Tonight," before Kyle went home with Logan and they shared some mutual showing off of their moves. What had started as a good night kiss had become something more like a hot and heavy makeout that then became the hottest sex Kyle had ever had. It had gone on for hours, hot and sweaty and fucking amazing, before both he and Logan had given out and all but collapsed in bed together, curled up close and not wanting to let go. There was no turning back from there, and the pair have been a couple ever since, with Kyle staying in New York with Logan as much as he can, but needing to be home in Boston during hockey season. It's close enough that they still get to spend a significant amount of time together just the same.

About a year into their relationship, Logan scored a six month long gig on tour with Angel Shaw as a backup dancer, and there was no way in hell he could turn that down. So he took the job, and while Kyle was going to miss him like hell, he couldn't have been more proud to see his other half score such a great gig. Still, he wanted Logan to leave knowing exactly how much Kyle loved him, so a couple of nights before Logan was due to leave, Kyle took him ice skating. It was something they both loved to do together, though Kyle would always take it at the rough and ready pace of a hockey player, while Logan skated with the skill and grace of a figure skater, even sometimes doing twirls just to make Kyle smile. There was no question how different they were, but it was why they worked so well. This particular night, though, in the middle of the ice rink, Kyle pulled Logan close to him and kissed him before asking him right there to marry him and pulling out a ring. They would wait to be married until after Logan's tour, but Kyle didn't want him to go away without that connection and that promise being made.

But with Logan gone, and Kyle realizing that he's getting married, and the person he'd always expected to be his Best Man isn't in his life anymore, he is starting to ask himself a lot of questions. Such as if he should try and find Tyler, and hopefully attempt to make amends. He hasn't quite decided, but he's strongly leaning toward at least trying. Now he just needs to find somewhere to start.

[Kyle Peterson is an original character and the property of the writer. His face is provided by Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin, who belongs to himself.]
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